State Thespian Festival

This year, Topeka West Thespians will attend the Kansas Thespian Festival at Century II Performing Arts and Convention Center in Wichita, Kansas. You are not required to be an inducted Thespian to go to Conference, but must have at least 10 Thespian qualifying points or permission from Mr. McCoy to attend.

What is the Kansas Thespian Conference?  Each year over 1,200 theatre students from around the state of Kansas attend this three day conference.  Students attending conference will see five productions from high schools around the state, attend workshops conducted by college theatre professors and theatre professionals.  Seniors have the opportunity to visit with representatives from community colleges and universities about their theatre programs, and compete for Thespian scholarships.

The 2018 Kansas Thespian Conference is January 4-6. Registration for the conference is due September 22nd. The trip costs $220; this includes lodging for our two night stay in Wichita, and conference registration fee. 

Contact Mr. McCoy or visit the festival website for more information.

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